Thoroughly Known installation

Installation view including the works ‘Thoroughly Known”, “Autopoetic Printer: Disorder Cycle”, “autoDSM”, and “Symptomatic House”

“Autopoetic Printer” is a wifi-enabled dot matrix printer capable of running paper loops, used as a tool for mechanical manipulation of texts to poetic effect. “Disorder Cycle” is the work produced using this tool, a dismantling of the DSM-V.

“Thoroughly Known” is a Python NLTK – enabled textual analysis and text animation of the Asperger’s diagnostic criteria from the DSM-IV.

“autoDSM” is a text generation tool for critical re-framing of the diagnoses for Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attentional Disorders in the DSM-V.

“Symptomatic House” is an immersive, responsive installation using Arduino, audio level sensors, and standard lamps.