Reflections Within the Transitioning Grid

A collaborative project with Merrill ShatzmanReflections includes an interactive projection display and laser-cut paperboard relief sculptures.

How we navigate, plan, design and build, and where we live, work and shop, are all dependent on different grid formations. The grid provides us with a sense of security, balance, orientation, boundary, exploration and containment. Psychologically, the concept of a grid is a constant throughout our lives, appearing as constructs in our memories, in our behavior, and in our daily life functions.

Decisions of all types are made in relationship to the grid, yet what emphasis is put on the unpredictable organic forms that visually evolve inside these spaces, counterbalancing our geometric borders?

This exhibit visually and formally examines the relationship between organic form and structure through deciphering images of contemporary curtain-wall architecture found in New York, London, Shanghai and Tokyo. It presents the artists’ vision of subjects in multiple ways and formats while fusing traditionally-made imagery with technologically-generated applications. The work was digitally produced, but it is at its root, very much organically constructed.

The prints and installations were generated from photographs capturing abstractions within contained spaces, by focusing on form, layering, contradiction, and beauty. In addition to revealing free-flowing lines, organic shapes and unique patterns made from reflections and shadows, the artists’ interests in cartography, urban planning, architecture, typography, calligraphy, archaeology, topography, and symbolism become evident.

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